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How to Maintain & Protect Your Windshield During the Winter Months

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Is anything more beautiful than a crisp, frosty December morning in the Duluth/Superior area? When the world is blanketed in a frozen layer of white, the world can feel almost enchanted. Unfortunately, a frosty morning also means spending extra time getting your car ready if you’ve been parked outside in the elements. And if you’re running late, spending extra time thawing out frozen windshields and locks can be a minor nuisance or even a disaster.

How Safe Driving Distance Protects Your Windshield

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As young drivers in driver's ed classes, one of the first things we learn is the importance of maintaining a safe driving distance. You probably already know that maintaining a safe space is essential for protecting you in case of a collision. With 1.7 million rear-end accidents in the United States each year, avoiding driving too close to the driver in front of you is always important. 

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