All About Boat Glass Repair and Replacement
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All About Boat Glass Repair and Replacement

All About Boat Glass Repair and Replacement

Your boat’s windshield does an important job, deflecting wind and water when you’re out on the lake and preventing you and your passengers from getting completely soaked. When the glass on your boat becomes damaged, repairing it right away is a matter of safety.

At Zenith Auto Glass, in addition to our professional auto glass repair services, we’re also seasoned boat glass repair technicians. In this post, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about boat glass repair and replacement. When you need glass repair in the Duluth/Superior area, give us a call.

We repair all types of window glass on everything from yachts to fishing boats, including:

●       Windshields

●       Portholes

●       Glass doors

●       Glass hatches

●       Custom glass designs

Boat Window Leaks

Window leaks can develop when a boat window’s seal becomes damaged. Often, these types of leaks can be so minute they’re indiscernible until you notice moisture seeping in, a type of leak that’s known as the “capillary effect.” With the capillary effect, water can seep into tiny cracks, which act almost like a pump.

Cracked and Damaged Boat Glass

When the glass on your daily driver vehicle gets chipped or cracked, you can sometimes get away with putting off repairs for a little while depending on the size and location of the crack. Although any crack or chip in your windshield is a potential driving hazard, most of us have put up with one for a short time at some point. While this type of glass damage can spread or even block your view, you may be able to ignore it for a short time.

But cracked and damaged boat glass is more than just an inconvenience or an eyesore. That’s because boats are subject to plenty of pressure and stress that can cause a slightly broken windshield or window to spontaneously and dangerously shatter.

These are just a few reasons you should have your boat glass repaired as soon as possible when it becomes damaged:

●      Protect Equipment

Many of your boat’s controls and instruments are located behind the protective cover of your windshield. If your windshield becomes shattered, these instruments and controls become vulnerable, which presents a potential safety hazard for you and your passengers or even those around you on the lake.

●      Protect Your Interior

Your boat’s interior is designed to handle a little moisture, but getting completely soaked is another issue altogether. Repairing damaged window glass will keep water from damaging the furnishings inside your boat’s cabin and prevent mold and mildew from setting in.

●      Increase Visibility

A broken windshield on your boat decreases your visibility while driving, and a damaged side window can impede your view of the lake when you’re inside the boat.

●      Increase High-Speed Safety

When your boat glass has even the slightest degree of damage, boating at high speeds becomes an extremely risky activity. If the integrity of your broken glass fails when you’re traveling at a high speed, the projectiles of shattered glass become a danger to everyone inside your boat.

The Problem With Bad DIY Repairs

When your boat glass becomes damaged, it can be tempting to handle it yourself with a quick and dirty DIY repair. If you spend enough time on the lake, you’ll end up seeing boats with bad DIY repair jobs.

These types of shoddy repairs are usually identifiable by the telltale signs of ugly caulking or even duct tape. Window thickness is not always accurately measured, and all of the old sealant may not be completely removed. Worse, the DIY job may be completed before the window is completely dry.

The sad part is that these ugly repairs are usually not doing much to protect the boat or stave off disaster. Instead of taking matters into your own hands, the key to solving any window leak or crack is to have the boat glass professionally repaired or replaced.

Investing in Professional Boat Glass Repair

Another mistake boat owners frequently make is to call the first boat repair number they see on a web search. In the digital age, it can be tough to tell amateurs from professional boat glass repair experts. And unfortunately, the web is full of scam artists just looking to make a fast buck.

Experienced boat glass repair technicians will have the knowledge and expertise to accurately measure your glass and install the right glass for your boat. And if there are any issues with your repair, they’ll guarantee their work. To make sure you’ve got a good boat repair team, ask these questions:

●        How long have you been in business?

●        How much experience do you have with boat glass repair?

●        Where can I check out reviews from past customers?

●        Do you work with insurance companies?

●        Is your work warrantied?

Call to Schedule Your Boat Glass Repair Services

If your boat glass is damaged or leaking, don’t put off repairs another day. We can repair your boat glass with fast turnaround time so you can make the most of this year’s boat season. And with every repair, we’ll donate to a local animal shelter! Contact us online or give our team at Zenith Auto Glass a call at 218-275-5555. 

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