8 Reasons You Might Need RV Replacement Windows
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8 Reasons You Might Need RV Replacement Windows
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8 Reasons You Might Need RV Replacement Windows

An important step of taking on a safe and fun family trip in your RV is ensuring every window is in top condition. Promptly replacing broken or faulty windows is essential for keeping your RV safe and operable. Beyond the obvious windshield shatters, there are several additional reasons why you may require an RV window replacement service. Keeping an eye out for these signs will help you stay on top of necessary replacements and keep your RV running smoothly.

Growing Cracks

While a small crack may not seem like a major cause for concern, those cracks can grow and end up compromising your RV’s structural integrity. Window cracks can also grow due to the RV’s vibration while operating. When you notice a crack in your RV’s windshield or side windows, contact an auto glass company for a professional inspection.

Glass Chips

Similar to cracks, chips are a good indication that your RV’s windows are past their prime state. Depending on the size and location of the chip, you may be able to remove the blemish with a simple repair. However, if left untreated for too long, the chip can grow and worsen to a point where you will require replacement windows.

Mold Growth

When you operate your RV for the first time in a few months, you may notice mold developing on the auto glass. RVs tend to collect condensation while sedentary, and when there’s no air flow, that condensation can cause mold to grow. Mold is extremely hazardous to you and your family’s health, making a window replacement service necessary.

Obstructed View

When your RV’s windshield is cracked to the point where the driver’s view is obstructed, an RV window replacement service is essential. Without optimal vision, there’s a heightened risk of a collision and the driver and all passengers are at risk of injury. Don’t put your safety at risk — have your RV’s broken windshield replaced as soon as possible.

Storm Damage

Travel is a normal part of owning an RV, and for those who choose to set out on the road during the winter, there is always a risk of storm damage between wind, hail, and snowstorms. Heavy snow and ice build-up can cause extra pressure on the windshield and result in a strain on the entire window system resulting in damage to the structure.

In addition, the cold can be especially problematic if layers of ice have formed around the wiper blades, because when they are turned on, they can potentially scratch the glass.


If you are noticing discoloration on the glass, this is another potential issue because it can indicate there is a problem with the RV glass or the sealant. Staining or finding yellow or white spots can occur as the material is exposed to UV rays. This typically occurs over a long period, and it may be treatable with different solutions, but in most cases, replacement is the best option.

Cloudy Glass

Another signal that your windshield may need replacing is a swirling appearance resulting from contamination and aging. And to make matters worse, if the glass already has chips, dirt can get stuck in the crevices over time, making the marks worse with every wiper use. In this situation, replacement is not always necessary, taking the time to fix it can remove the risk of the glass becoming a distraction and help keep your RV’s value higher.

Temperature Fluctuations

If you are heading south for the winter, there is always a chance the windshield can be damaged due to temperature fluctuations. If your RV has been in prolonged cold exposure, the durability of the glass will be diminished making it more susceptible. When this is combined with improper snow and ice removal practices, the risk is even higher.

And if the windshield is exposed to hot temperatures for an extended period, and the air conditioner is turned on at full blast; this can pose a risk of shattering the glass. So, it is recommended to speak to an expert to determine your RVs windshield risks and keep you safer. 

Contact Zenith Auto Glass for Professional RV Auto Glass Solutions

If you’ve noticed any of these issues on your own RV, schedule a replacement service with Zenith Auto Glass. We provide fast and professional auto glass repair and replacement services for vehicle owners in Duluth. We even assist with windshield recalibration to maximize your RV’s safety and performance!

Start your service off with a free quote and contact Zenith Auto Glass today at 218-275-5555.

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