How to Get Sticker Residue Off Glass
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How to Get Sticker Residue Off Glass
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How to Get Sticker Residue Off Glass

Is there anything as cool as finding that perfect sticker for your car window? Maybe it’s a tribute to your favorite Marvel fandom, or perhaps you’re showing off your love of the Vikings. But once it’s there, it’s a special way to individualize your ride and connect with others who share the same interests.

But unfortunately, when you buy a car with someone else’s stickers on it, you may not find their Calvin and Hobbes sticker quite as fantastic as you did your Star Wars sticker. And even more unfortunately, stickers can be tough to remove from auto glass, especially after many seasons of driving.

In this post from Zenith Auto Glass, we’re breaking down all of the best tips and tricks for removing sticker residue from your car’s rear windshield without damaging the glass itself. When you need professional auto glass services in Duluth/Superior, give us a call!

1.   Gather Your Materials

Before getting started, gather up everything you’ll need to clean your auto glass. You’ll want to pick up an adhesive remover like Goo-Gone.

You’ll also need some ammonia-free glass cleaner since ammonia can damage the rubber surrounding your windshield. Windex is a fine choice, but you can just as easily use an off-brand glass cleaner as long as it contains no ammonia. You’ll also need a little hot, soapy water after you’ve used the adhesive remover.

Finally, you’ll need a few soft microfiber cloths or towels since microfiber won’t leave fibers on the glass or damage the surface of the glass.

2.   Clean the Glass

It’s always best to start any project with a clean surface, and sticker removal is no exception. Any dirt or dust on your glass could scratch the window, so you’ll want to make sure it’s completely removed from your window before getting started.

Spray the entire surface around the sticker with ammonia-free glass cleaner according to the instructions on the bottle. Next, wipe the entire surface area until it is completely clean and crystal clear.

3.   Try to Remove What You Can

If the sticker has any loose edges, grab them and start to peel up the sticker to the best of your abilities. Before attempting to remove the sticker, you’ll want to saturate it completely with glass cleaner.

If you’re comfortable using a razor blade and you have plenty of experience with one, you can attempt to scrape up the sticker with it. However, you should beware that improper or indelicate use of a razor blade can damage your glass or lead to an injury. A razor blade with a handle such as a box knife is also a good idea.

Only work with a clean razor blade that’s completely clear of any rust or damage, as these can scratch your auto glass. Make sure the sticker is wet enough to give you a slick surface over the glass, creating a smooth gliding surface for your razor blade.

Use a 45-degree angle when holding the razor blade and begin gently lifting at the sticker corners. Work slowly so you don’t slip and cut yourself or damage the glass. Scrape and peel simultaneously to minimize the amount of residue you leave on the glass.

4.   Apply the Adhesive Remover

Now that you’ve removed most of the sticker, you should be left with sticky residue on the glass. You want to remove it right away, since leaving it will only allow more dirt, dust, and gunk to adhere to the glass surface and could damage your window glass.

Next, apply the adhesive remover to the surface over the remaining residue, covering every bit of residue completely. Allow the adhesive remover to sit for about three to five minutes depending on the instructions on the bottle. After waiting the appropriate time period, use a clean towel to wipe the adhesive.

If there is anything left, you should be able to remove it easily by sliding it off with your razor blade. Finally, use a fresh, soapy towel and warm water to clean the adhesive residue that may be left.

5.   Clean the Glass Again

After completing the above steps, you’ll want to run over your glass one more time with a fresh microfiber towel and glass cleaner to leave it looking sparkling and clear once more. Now the only thing that’s left to do is to sit back and admire your work!

Cleaning auto glass

What to Do If You Scratch the Glass

Even if you’re extremely careful, anytime you’re removing a sticker you run the risk of damaging the glass underneath it. If you end up scratching your glass with a razor blade or another glass removal method, don’t sweat it. We can use glass repair methods to get your glass looking great again. To schedule your auto glass repair services, call us at 218-275-5555 or connect with us online. We can’t wait to help you get your glass ready for your next shiny new sticker!

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