3 Reasons Heavy Equipment Auto Glass Replacement Can't Wait
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5 Reasons Heavy Equipment Auto Glass Replacement Can't Wait
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5 Reasons Heavy Equipment Auto Glass Replacement Can't Wait

Whether it's a semi, forklift, excavator, or tractor, these machines are used daily to complete your projects, and they take a beating! Keeping the equipment in optimal condition is critical for keeping the operators safe, and ignoring a damaged windshield might cost you more than just the heavy equipment glass repair costs.

The experts at Zenith Auto Glass want your heavy machinery to be as safe as possible, so we have a list of five reasons why glass replacement can’t wait. 

1. Operator Safety

One of the first reasons you want to avoid putting off repair is a concern for the individual operating the machine. Because of the work that these machines do, the windshields are built to be more durable than regular auto glass to keep the operators safe from flying debris.

In most cases, the glass can resist heavier projectiles, but even a tiny crack can cause a weakness in the overall integrity. And in a worst-case scenario, the windshield might shatter, exposing the operator to potential injury.

2. Visibility Issues

The next issue that can come up is having a problem with seeing the area clearly through the windshield. Even a tiny chip can decrease the amount of visibility and create a distraction for the operator, who might be focusing on more intricate tasks when maneuvering the vehicle.

This can become even more of an issue with the construction vehicle if it is road legal because maneuvering it requires a lot of concentration and clear visibility to obey the laws. If the windshield is damaged and an accident occurs, the owner could potentially be held liable for damages.

3. Work Interference

A damaged windshield can also create issues with the construction project. If the operator cannot see the project area clearly, it can create mistakes in their actions. These errors could directly affect the budget and time frame for the project, creating a massive headache for your company, leading to more time and money wasted than it would have been to have the heavy equipment glass replacement done, to begin with.

4. The Work is Tough on the Machines

The fact is, with this line of work, the equipment needs to be tough. The equipment is constantly exposed to stones, rocks, and metal, and they are more likely to be damaged because of this. Any damage can pose a hazard to the operator and other workers in the area, potentially creating an insurance liability if anyone is injured.

Insurance liabilities can add up quickly and heavy equipment can be more costly and difficult to repair, so it's better not to wait and address any fractures or cracks with a glass repair expert before they become a bigger problem.

5. OSHA Standards

Because OSHA has rigid guidelines that businesses need to follow for worker safety, the heavy equipment will need to have windshield repair for a replacement right away. The main priority is to keep the workers safe in their environment, and if there is an inspection, damaging the windshield could mean failing the inspector.

Zenith Auto Glass: Duluth’s #1 Choice for Heavy Equipment Windshields

As you can see, there are many reasons to make sure that you are keeping up on any damage or repair that needs to be addressed with your heavy equipment. This is also no different with any of your automobiles, and Zenith Auto Glass is your go-to choice for customer satisfaction.

We specialize in multiple services ranging from auto glass repair to RV windshield replacement and would love to assist you. We are here to help, so contact us today or call us at 218-275-5555.

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