How Does Summer Heat Affect a Car's Windshield?
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How Does Summer Heat Affect a Car's Windshield?
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How Does Summer Heat Affect a Car's Windshield?

With summer on its way, you will want to do everything you can to keep your car protected through the hot temperatures, so understanding the risks and ways that you can minimize these is essential.

Warmer temperatures can wreak havoc, especially on windshields, so we have listed the reasons why damage occurs and some ways to help mitigate needing auto glass repair.

How Does Windshield Damage Occur in the Summer?

One common occurrence in extreme temperatures is called a stress crack. This happens when the temperature fluctuates rapidly and causes the windshield's glass to expand when heated up and shrink when it's cooled again. This simple act will put extreme stress on the glass, and in some cases, it will crack and cause damage resulting in needing a repair.

In addition, the sunlight can also get the windshield to react in the same way. If there is direct heat on the metal and the glass, the metal will get hotter faster.

The metal heating up more quickly can cause stress between the two materials, which can lead to cracking extensive enough to require windshield repair. You will generally find these indicators around the edges of the windshield.

Tips to Prevent & Lessen Risks of Summer Windshield Damage

Preventing these cracks from occurring is easier than it sounds, and here are just a few tips to help.

Avoid Using Your A/C

Naturally, if it is hot on the outside, you will want to use the air conditioning while you are in the vehicle, but you want to avoid this if possible. The A/C can be problematic because it can put more stress on the windshield if it is already too hot, so one option is to cool the car down slowly instead of cranking up the system.

Use Warm Water to Clean the Vehicle

You might be considering washing your vehicle, and one thing you want to avoid is using cold water, especially if you are in hot temperatures. Using lukewarm water can contribute to having fewer temperature fluctuations and prevent a potential crack in the windshield.

Park in a Cooler Area

The last recommendation is to make sure that you avoid parking directly in the sun as much as possible. If you can find parking in a garage or even a shaded area, these can help keep the temperature of your windshield lower and reduce the possibility of damage.

Don’t Slam the Doors

Because glass expands in warmer temperatures, it becomes more vulnerable to pressure and stress. Slamming the doors can create a vibration that makes chips or cracks larger, so to put less stress on the windshield, always close your doors gently.

Use a Windshield Cover

Windshield covers are designed to help keep your vehicle cooler by reflecting the light away from the interior, keeping it cooler even if it’s parked in the sun. Because the UV rays are deflected, they also remove the risk of damage to your interior, making them an economical and effective choice to protect your car in hotter months.

Don’t Put Off Repairs

Warmer temperatures mean more road trips and individuals out on the highways. Unfortunately, it also means more risk of damage to your windshield from other drivers resulting in chips and cracks. Because glass expands in the heat, this makes any existing damage worse, compromising your safety if there is an accident, so don’t wait to schedule a repair.

Zenith Auto Glass: Your Locally Trusted Experts

With a few small steps, you can help prevent potential damage to your windshield, but if you have found there are chips or cracks that need repairing, Zenith Auto Glass is your number one choice In Minnesota.

We specialize in services ranging from semi-truck windshield replacement to boat glass repair, and our experienced team works hard to deliver five-star results for all our clients.

Your auto glass safety is our priority, so message us online or give us a call at 218-275-5555 today.

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