6 Critical Things Your Windshield Does While You're Driving
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6 Critical Things Your Windshield Does While You're Driving
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6 Critical Things Your Windshield Does While You're Driving

There are many ways your vehicle keeps you safe; often, the most important is your windshield. It serves more than one purpose, so anytime there's damage, we always recommend having it repaired or replaced right away because it keeps you and your passengers safer.

Your windshield is more than just an extra component to the car, and the Zenith Auto Glass team is here to explain why!

1. Protects You From Flying Objects

One of the main benefits of the windshield is that it creates a layer of protection for the occupants inside. Many elements, such as pebbles, insects, dirt, debris, and dust, would all end up inside the vehicle without it.

It also helps protect from elements like hail, rain, and wind and offers a shield for the passengers and the driver, which is why it's essential to seek out windshield replacement if any issues arise.

2. Provides Airbag Support

The windshield will help support the airbags in the vehicle also. If deployed, the windshield will help absorb some of the impacts and make it easier for the airbags to function correctly and efficiently.

3. Keeps Passengers From Ejecting

If there is a severe accident, there is a possibility of individuals being thrown from the vehicle. Another critical way that the windshield is essential is because it can help reduce the chances of an individual going through the windshield and potentially keep them safer.

4. Supports the Structural Integrity

Even a small amount of damage might require windshield repair because the car's structural integrity depends on the windshield condition. The glass is a significant contributor to keeping the vehicle's structure from collapsing if there is an accident due to its design.

5. Helps With Aerodynamics

The windshield helps with the car's aerodynamics. This is critical because it reduces drag and helps your vehicle work more efficiently. The design is generally in a sloping form which lets the windshield take high speeds well while offering more fuel efficiency.

6. They Help You Be a Safer Driver

ADAS systems are designed to reduce the risk of accidents by implementing support in areas like warning features, adaptive cruise control, and monitoring for lane departure or collisions. If your vehicle has this support system in place, it will be mounted to the windshield, making the glass an even more critical component of your vehicle.

Zenith Auto Glass: Duluth’s Local Professionals

Your windshield is just one aspect of your vehicle that you need to keep in the best condition possible, and if you're looking for a professional and trusted company, Zenith Auto Glass is here to assist you. We are locally owned and specialize in multiple services, including RV windshield repair and heavy equipment windshield replacement, with 5-star results.

We want you and your passengers to stay safe on the road, so message us online or call 218-275-5555 for your free quote today.

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