Benefits of Choosing an Auto Glass Shop vs. Your Dealership
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Benefits of Choosing an Auto Glass Shop vs. Your Dealership
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Benefits of Choosing an Auto Glass Shop vs. Your Dealership

When it comes to getting windshield replacement, it might make sense to use the dealership you bought the vehicle from, but what about utilizing an auto glass repair company instead? The experts at Zenith Auto Glass want you to make the right decision for your car, so we are here with everything you need to know about auto glass services companies versus dealership installations in this article.

What Kind of Glass Do You Get from Dealerships and Glass Shops?

OEM is the original manufacturer's glass initially installed in your vehicle. Both the auto glass shop and the dealership can provide this for you, but the dealership only installed OEM options which can limit your choices. And even though most vehicles will work great with aftermarket options, some manufacturers only allow OEM products as a replacement option so you will need to consider this

Going to an auto glass repair company gives you a choice because they carry aftermarket options, which can be less expensive. If you are filing a claim, the insurance company may want you to pick an aftermarket product, or you might need a more affordable choice and the aftermarket glass can provide this. If you are still unsure, the best way to know the right option is to speak with a professional installer before making the arrangements.

How Do They Both Vary in Pricing?

Saving money is a priority for most individuals, and the cost of the windshield will make a difference in which option they choose. The prices will vary from shop to shop and between dealers, and other factors will affect the experience, like the type of vehicle you own or if it has an ADAS system that needs calibration.

The average cost of a new windshield installation is between $200-$400, and dealerships will generally charge an hourly rate higher than most auto glass repair shops. One way to help with this is to research local shops to get the best quote.

What Will Work Best for Your Schedule?

Another consideration is scheduling time, and in most cases, the dealership and any quality auto glass shops will offer high-quality work and professional care. So, the largest difference between them is the convenience of the replacement.

In most cases, the dealership has a more rigid schedule because they do many different repairs. An auto glass shop's specialty is focused on glass repair and replacement, so chances are you may get the work done sooner.

Choose the Trusted Name in Auto Glass Repair

Your main priority when getting the replacement is getting the job done right the first time. Having a cracked or broken windshield can be dangerous, and Zenith Auto Glass is a trusted company providing expert care. We are locally owned and community-focused, and offer services ranging from RV windshield repair to boat windshield replacement with exceptional results.

Let's get your vehicle back on the road safely today by messaging us online or giving us a call at 218-275-5555 today.

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