How Bad Wipers Can Damage Your Windshield
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How Bad Wipers Can Damage Your Windshield
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How Bad Wipers Can Damage Your Windshield

If you spend a lot of time driving, you know how hazards can damage your windshield. Road debris can get kicked up and cause issues resulting in auto glass repair, but another scenario can cause damage, and it's from your windshield wipers. Zenith Auto Class cares about the health of your windshield, so we have some ways to help reduce and prevent permanent damage from worn-out wipers here.

How Do Wipers Cause Damage?

The blades are made of components comprised of rubber and metal, which means they will get dirty and break down like anything else. In most cases, they accumulate more dirt due to daily wear and tear, which results in the rubber edges becoming thin, displaced, or tearing, and leaving just metal behind.

Once the wipers are damaged and you engage them, the metal will directly contact the windshield and as they move back and forth, it can cause damage to the glass. The size of these scratches can grow if this is left unattended and cause deeper lines and larger areas that will need to be repaired.

Ways to Tell if the Wipers have Scratched the Glass

There are a few specific ways to tell if your wipers have damaged your glass, and those include:

●        Wipers that have displaced or hanging pieces of rubber from the blade

●        Cleaning or streaking that is uneven

●        Flexor spots on the windshield that are twinkling in bright or nighttime conditions

●        Grinding or scraping sounds when the wipers are going

●        Finding droplets of water that are still in the windshield after the other water has been removed

How will Scratches Affect the Glass?

If you find that the blades are causing damage, you will not only have to replace them, but you may need to have the windshield serviced or repaired. Even if there is only a minimal amount of damage, replacing the blades will not be enough to ensure the glass is still safe. Checking with a professional and having it assessed is the only way to know for sure because wiper scratches can cause:

●        Visibility issues due to the scratches

●        The damage can create a distraction when the wipers are used due to incomplete cleaning or streaking

●        Additional damage can include cracks created from frozen water or other debris trapped in the glass.

Maintenance and Prevention Methods

If you believe there is damage from your blades leading to windshield repair, the main solution is to replace them to avoid any more issues. Once you have completed the replacement, it is recommended to speak to a professional to ensure the glass is still in good condition.

Zenith Auto Glass, Your Trusted Name in Repair

The health of your windshield wiper blades is an essential part of your vehicle's structural integrity, and if you need professional assistance, Zenith Auto Glass is here to help. We are a locally owned Minnesota company that specializes in multiple aspects of auto glass care, including specialty services like RV windshield repair and heavy equipment glass replacement that result in exceptional and professional experiences.

We have a five-star team to help assist you, so contact us online or call us at 218-275-5555 for your free quote today.

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