Understanding Static vs. Dynamic ADAS Calibration
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Understanding Static vs. Dynamic ADAS Calibration
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Understanding Static vs. Dynamic ADAS Calibration

When it comes to driver safety, companies are working hard to provide excellent resources to boost drivers' confidence and keep them more secure behind the wheel. Options like the ADAS system can help contribute to your vehicle's features, and if you have sustained any damage to the windshield and need a windshield repair, the system will need to be calibrated to function correctly. There are two options available, including dynamic and static calibration, and Zenith Auto Glass is here to help you understand the difference.

What Does Your ADAS System Provide?

The ADAS system in your vehicle is a type of technology that makes your driving experience safer through sensors and cameras. Its primary objective is to reduce the possibilities of collisions because of operator error. The system will help alert the driver when there is an obstacle or item to be aware of and can also offer assistance with situations like:

●        Emergency braking

●        Forward collision

●        Lane departure

●        Blind-spot monitoring

●        Adaptive cruise control

As you can see, it plays a significant role in using the sensors to help with assisting in parking and rear traffic alerts, which can help reduce the risk of collisions. However, if an accident results in windshield replacement or repair, it will need to be calibrated, and there are two options.

Dynamic Calibration

Dynamic calibration happens while the vehicle is in motion. The automobile will be driven a specific distance at a certain speed during ideal weather situations, and a handheld device plugged into the car will allow the system to be used while on the road. The system will become accustomed to the environment and is designed to respond and react to any unforeseen situations while it is recalibrating the system.

Static Calibration

Static calibration is also known as the fixed option, and this happens in a specialized environment where the car will not be moved during the process. This process requires leveled flooring and highly sensitive equipment like a camera and sensor calibration tool by trained experts. This process takes around an hour because the vehicle's internal processor needs to input the data and recalibrate it to the original levels.

Zenith Auto Glass, a Trusted Name in Expert Services

As you can see, there is a big difference between the two options for calibration, so it is recommended to check with an expert to see which would be the best option for your vehicle. If you are looking for exceptional auto glass replacement services, Zenith Auto Glass Is a trusted name. We offer exceptional services in products ranging from auto glass repair to semi-truck windshield replacement and installation in Minnesota that clients can count on.

We are experts in ADAS calibration, so message us online or call us at 218-275-5555 for your free quote today.

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