Auto Glass & Winter: 6 Things to Know
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Auto Glass & Winter: 6 Things to Know
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Auto Glass & Winter: 6 Things to Know

Minnesota is known for its winter months; between black ice and snowfall, this can leave your windshield susceptible to threats and result in auto glass damage. Caring for the glass is crucial to a safer ride, so Zenith Auto Glass is here with some expert tips on keeping your windshield safer in the cold months.

Clearing the Ice from the Windshield

Between the biting cold and treacherous roads, this can create hazardous driving conditions, and the last thing you need to deal with is an icy windshield. So, if you cannot park inside, covering the windshield with a tarp, blanket, or sheet can help reduce buildup. De-icers are also a great alternative because when properly used, the solution melts the ice, leaving less hassle and more time for your important tasks.

Proper Defrosting Techniques

Condensation and humidity levels can fluctuate through the year,, but they are more common in the winter. Foggy windows and ice can obscure the driver's view, making it risky to be on the road, which is why proper defrosting is crucial.

The recommended defrosting steps to reduce potential windshield damage and driving risks are:

●        Leave the air conditioner setting on

●        Switch the system to the highest heat setting

●        Disengage the recirculation option

●        Keep the windows cracked

Winter Windshield Protection

The last thing you want to do is replace your windshield, especially in the winter. Unfortunately, if your vehicle has been parked outside, chances are it will have a frozen layer on the outside. There are a few steps you will want to avoid when it comes to thawing the glass in freezing temperatures, and they are:

●        Pour water on the glass

●        Use vinegar with water

●        Use a hair dryer

All of these can result in cracks and breaks, so a few ways to keep the windshield protected are:

●        Take time warming up the windows

Giving yourself a few extra minutes before you leave can help reduce headaches by allowing the windows to heat up gradually. This will also remove the risk of other cracks or chips in the glass becoming worse.

●        Add a Barrier of Protection

A barrier outside the vehicle will also help protect the windshield. Investing in a frost-free cover or using cloth or cardboard pieces can help make the glass less susceptible even in the worst weather.

●        Park Eastward

Utilizing solar heat to help with a natural thawing process is also recommended. When you park in the direction of the morning light, this potentially means it will be an easier deicing process, and it can help reduce the chances of your wiper blades being frozen to the windshield.

Zenith Auto Glass, Your Local and Trusted Experts

Your vehicle safety depends on proper winter care and maintenance, and this helpful guide can get you started with keeping it in excellent condition. Whether you need auto glass repair or RV window replacement, Zenith Auto Glass has a 5-star team that is happy to help because we do it all!

Our trained experts are here to answer your questions or give you a free quote for your next repair or replacement, so message us online or call us at 218-275-5555 today.

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