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No one likes to have to deal with bureaucracy. But whether you’ve been involved in an auto accident or your vehicle has been vandalized, having to make an auto insurance claim is unavoidable when your glass is broken.

Thankfully, the easy part is getting your glass repaired at Zenith Auto Glass. And since we’ve got plenty of experience working with insurance companies, we’re happy to help you navigate the claims process. That’s why we’re sharing this guide to help you get through your next insurance claim when you need auto body glass repair. To schedule your auto glass services, give us a call!


Unfortunately, criminals love the easy payday they get with smash-and-grab car burglaries. And even more unfortunately, they can be incredibly efficient in stealing from several cars in just a few minutes.

The scenario is a familiar one: a team of car burglars pull up to a parking lot and hop out, quickly hitting as many cars as they can within a few minutes. They break the window, grab anything valuable, and they’re gone before anyone realizes what’s happened. And in many cases, these thieves are so brazen that they perform their dirty work right in broad daylight in a crowded parking lot.

When you return to your vehicle to find your window smashed out, it can ruin your day. On top of everything else that was stolen, you’re left with a broken side window and the unpleasant task of having to repair the damage.

Here’s what to do:

1.    Evaluate the Damage.

Look around your vehicle and determine everything that was damaged. Besides the auto glass damage, check to see if any damage was done to your ignition or door handle.

2.    Look for Cameras.

Take a look around the location to determine if the crime may have been captured on camera by a local business or homeowner’s doorbell camera. This could be helpful for police investigating a rash of thefts.

3.    Contact the Police.

Call your local police non-emergency number to find out the correct procedure for filing a police report on a vehicle smash-and-grab theft. Although police don’t investigate individual window smash crimes, it’s important to get a copy of the burglary on record. This allows you to have a record for insurance purposes and in case anything missing turns up. Additionally, having this information on file may be important for police if your burglary was part of a larger spree or if the burglar is caught down the road.

Find out if an officer can be dispatched to your location. In some precincts, these reports can be filled out online or picked up from gas stations or other designated areas. Be sure to write down the details of the correct procedure so you can file a police report in a timely manner.

4.    Take Photos.

Although you may be tempted to clean up the glass right away, be sure to snap plenty of pictures first. Use your phone to document the scene thoroughly from a number of angles. This may help you during the insurance claims process. 

5.    List the Damage.

Make a list of every item that was stolen by the thieves. Look through every corner of your vehicle including the glove box and trunk. Write down anything you believe is missing no matter how minor you believe it to be, and be sure to check for any missing documents. This list should be submitted with your police report.

A copy should also be given to your insurance company. Additionally, f any credit cards or bank information was stolen, don’t wait to contact your bank and report possible identity theft.

6.    Contact Your Insurance Agent.

Once you’ve gathered the above information, be sure to contact your insurance agent as soon as possible. Find out what is covered and what your deductible is. Additionally, let them know where you intend to get a quote on auto body glass repair.

7.    Get a Quote.

Now it’s time to get a quote on your auto glass replacement services. Contact Zenith Auto Glass with your make, model, and year. We’ll give you a quote you can take to your insurance company. Once you’re ready for glass replacement, we’ll provide quick, convenient service to get your car back in one piece as quickly as possible.


If your window needs to be replaced due to an automobile accident or another type of damage, follow the above steps for documenting the damage and calling your insurance agent. Our helpful technicians are experienced with all types of auto glass repair including rear windows, side windows, movable glass, and windshields.

We can also come to you with fast, friendly windshield chip repair when you need it in Duluth and surrounding areas. Connect with our Zenith Auto Glass car glass repair team at 218-275-5555 or contact us online to schedule your auto glass replacement services.