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Willie Nelson said it best when he crooned, “I just can’t wait to get on the road again.” For RV owners across the Northland, it’s that time of year again to pack up your string lights and head out for a much-deserved trek down the highway.

Whether you’re heading out for a weekend excursion around our beautiful state parks or you’re planning the Great American Road Trip, our team at ZAG wants you to stay safe. In this post from Zenith Auto Glass in Duluth, we’re sharing important advice for keeping your RV windshield in good shape this summer.


Picture the perfect day on the perfect road trip. Your family is buckled safely into our RV, snacks at the ready, with your favorite Bruno Mars tune on the stereo. It’s a beautiful, sunny day in Minnesota as you head on down the highway when suddenly, the truck in the next lane kicks up a pebble at your windshield. In the blink of an eye, your windshield has been scarred with a perfect little dimple that’s no bigger than a nickel. Although it’s small now, you realize it won’t be long before it starts to spread.

Although frustrating, this type of windshield damage is all too common when you’re taking a road trip in an RV. And unfortunately, no matter how tiny the initial chip or crack, it’s likely to spread over the course of your road trip until your view is obstructed. Not only is this dangerous, but it can also result in a fine if you get pulled over in a small-town speed trap.

At Zenith Auto Glass, we understand that a good trip starts with safety. That’s why we’re there with mobile glass repair service throughout Duluth/Superior and the entire Northland. Whether you’re about to head out of the area or you’re on a weekend trip somewhere in the Northland, we’ve got you covered. Before you finish packing for your weekend road trip, be sure to stick our number in your phone!


Because of an RV windshield’s size and construction, even minor damage can become serious quickly when you’re out on the road. More significant windshield damage or damage that falls across a driver’s line of sight can interfere with visibility. If a chip or crack is larger than a quarter, windshield replacement is recommended.

At Zenith Auto Glass, we can replace the windshield or side window glass on all types of recreational vehicles regardless of make, model, or year, including:

●        Class A motorhomes

●        Class B motorhomes

●        Class C motorhomes

●        Fifth-wheel travel trailers

●        Truck campers

●        Popup campers

●        Toy haulers

●        Horse trailers

●        Vans

●        Buses

●        And more


While you can’t control everything, there are a few things you can do to protect your RV’s windshield if you plan on traveling this summer:

●        Clean your windshield regularly: When bugs, grit, and dirt buildup on your windshield, they can end up scratching or etching the glass or even causing it to dull. Every time you stop and before you take to the highway, take that extra few minutes to wipe down your windshield.

●        Replace your wiper blades: Wiper blades that are in poor condition are a liability. Even if your RV stays parked most of the year, you should replace your wiper blades at least once every year or two since the sun’s UV rays can degrade the wiper blades.

●        Take cover in storms: If the forecast calls for hail or there’s a thunderstorm, try to park your RV safely under a parking garage until the hail passes. If you can’t avoid hail altogether, it’s better to remain parked even if you’re out in the open. This is because hail at highway speed will be even more damaging to your windshield.

●        Avoid gravel and sand, if possible: Although it may not always be possible, try to check your routes ahead of time and avoid taking roads that require you to drive on sand or gravel since they can damage your windshield. Road construction and roads that have recently been sanded due to ice and snow are also tough on your vehicle. If you do have to drive on a sandy road, be sure to keep your distance from other vehicles, since debris can easily kick up and fly into your windshield.

●        Avoid trucks: When traveling behind pickup trucks, semi trucks, and commercial trucks, the chance of window damage increases. Keep your distance when you see these vehicles ahead on the road.

●        Repair chips immediately: Repairing your windshield right away after a chip or crack occurs is essential to preserving your glass and protecting your passengers. At Zenith Auto Glass, we can repair chips of up to about a quarter in size.


Before you head out on your summer road trip this year, make sure your glass is in good shape for the road! Whether you’re behind the wheel of a tour bus or a retro Airstream, if your ride rolls or floats, Zenith Auto Glass has got you covered. And for every glass replacement, we’ll make a Humane Society donation that feeds a shelter animal for a day. Contact us on the web to schedule your RV windshield replacement or professional auto glass repair, or call us at 218-275-5555.