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Cracks, chips, and other auto glass damage can make your vehicle unsafe to drive. Whether you’re dealing with a single small chip in your windshield or total destruction, it’s important to have it assessed by a certified technician as soon as possible. Some types of windshield damage can be repaired, but only a professional can make that call. At the first sign of a chip or crack, contact us at Zenith Auto Glass. We’ll be happy to offer free, expert advice on whether your windshield requires repair or replacement. If it turns out you do need a new windshield, we’ll find exactly what you need and install it according to the strictest safety standards. You won’t even need to schedule another appointment with a dealership for ADAS Calibration because we’re highly trained to provide this necessary service too. Give us a call at 218-275-5555 to get started!


A chip or crack doesn’t automatically mean you’ll need a costly windshield replacement. When you schedule an appointment with Zenith Auto Glass, we’ll have a seasoned technician inspect the damage and determine whether you can get by with a repair. Here’s what they’ll consider:

  1. How large is the damaged area? If the damage is larger than the size of a dollar bill, the windshield will likely need to be replaced.
  2. How many areas of the windshield are damaged? Along with the size of the damage, we must consider how many chips or cracks there are. A windshield with more than three damaged areas will certainly require replacement because it will not be structurally safe even after repair.
  3. Where is the damage located? The placement of windshield damage is very important when it comes to repair versus replacement. If there’s damage that affects the driver’s view, the windshield will need to be replaced. Additionally, if the damage is located in a corner, it can render the entire windshield unstable.



If you have damage to your windshield, you might find several auto glass companies that serve the Northland area. One important thing to keep in mind: You can get a ticket for having a damaged windshield. Regardless of the size of the damage or where it’s located, law enforcement can fine you at any time for having unsafe equipment, which means driving around with any extent of windshield damage is a risk. Be safe and avoid fines by contacting a professional as soon as you notice a chip or crack. The only way to know for sure whether windshield repair is an option for you is to work with an experienced and trustworthy auto glass company. See what others have to say about our services here!

Supporting local businesses is more important than ever. We’re proud members of the Duluth community – we live here, work here, and spend our money here. When you choose us, you’re supporting our local economy. Plus, our reputations are on the line. A national auto glass company may not be affected by a handful of negative reviews, but we certainly would! We take pride in our work and truly care about our customers’ satisfaction.

Our technicians have been in the auto glass business in various capacities since 1983. We’ve trained extensively and worked hard to continue our education and stay on top of the latest technology and techniques.

Our technicians can handle all of your auto glass needs, including repair, replacement, and ADAS calibration. We work on windshields, rear windowsside windows, and even movable glass. Not all auto glass companies provide such comprehensive services.

After working with insurance agents for so many years, we thoroughly understand how the process works. From the moment you schedule an appointment, we’ll begin working with your insurance company on your claim. Insurance claims can be frustrating when you don’t know what you’re doing, but there’s no reason to be stressed when you have the Zenith team guiding you through every step.

Whether we perform an auto glass repair or replacement, we stand by our work with competitive warranties. If you’re not happy or not satisfied with a repair, you’ll receive credit towards the price of a windshield or window replacement performed by Zenith Auto Glass. Windshield and fixed glass replacements are protected against stress breakage for 90 days. Read the full scope of our warranty here.

We understand you need your vehicle to get around, and we want to make windshield replacement as quick and convenient as possible for you. In many cases, we can come to you, and we can often repair your auto glass the same day.

Get a free quote for car windshield replacement today! Call Zenith Auto Glass at 218-275-5555 or fill out our contact form. We serve the entire Northland area, including Duluth and Superior.